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4 luglio 2016

Group and individual snowboarding courses at Moena for adults and children

Snowboard and Freeride Courses at Moena with the Moena 2010 ski instructors.

Level 1 | Elementary technique

At this level the student is introduced to the world of snowboarding. The goal is to allow the student to move in a controlled manner across very simple areas (open spaces, slight slope). It is therefore necessary to introduce the student to the main features of this sliding sport. Initially the balance skills are developed under static conditions, also in relation to the transverse position with respect to the equipment; the ability to maintain centrality in the sliding phase are also considered. Another important element is the possibility of having the board on metal sheeting, thus varying the edge grip. After this level, the next step is the concept of rotation of the body and a subsequent change of direction of the equipment. In these early stages continuous demonstrations are not important only that the student attempts as many as possible of the global motor experiences, with the utmost respect for naturalness, spontaneity, fun and safety. At this point we can safely say that the student has established "contact" with the equipment with a sliding movement over the snow.

Level 2 | Basic technique

At this level the student is guided to develop combined movements (high-low, rotations, tilts). The objective is to allow the student to move in a controlled manner over simple areas, controlling the equipment with greater precision. The skills to perform bending and stretching movements are initially developed; the skills involved in maintaining centrality during sliding, that increase in speed, are also considered. Another important element is the ability to tilt further, compared to the elementary technique. At this stage, demonstrations assume a certain degree of importance, always with the utmost respect for naturalness, spontaneity, fun and safety. At this point, we can say that the student has achieved a certain level of mastery of the equipment during movements.

Level 3 | Technical school

At this level the student is guided to organise incremental movements (anticipation, steering action). The objective is to allow the student to manage edge grip in a controlled manner on areas of medium difficulty slope, aiming for greater precision and speed control. Coordination skills are increasingly refined, finally amalgamating the movements. Another important element is the possibility to tilt further with respect to the basic technique. At this stage, awareness becomes increasingly important. At this point we can say that the student can manage the equipment on almost all types of slope, gradually approaching mastery.

Level 4 | Refinement technique

The refinement level is structured into three main areas: alpine, freeriding and freestyle. At this level, the student is gradually guided towards a situation of awareness such as to enable them to manage the equipment in any variable situation they may find themselves in, through automatisms, which at this stage are fixed and stabilised. Coordination skills are maximised according, not only to the predetermined times, but also in relation to unpredictable dynamic situations. The automatisms are significantly matured thus reducing reaction times. The ability to assess, in a short space of time, slope, speed, type of snow and possible risk situation is improved, in order to achieve the most efficient level of surfing. The goal is to maximise the equipment both during travel, including extreme, and with different degrees of heeling, through conscious control of the body in space and time. The ability of the student to control increasingly longer aerial phases are refined in relation to a psycho-physical conditioning that increases in importance. Competition skills are learnt with both the pieces of equipment.

What a thrill to achieve "glide" !


18 novembre 2013

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